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1325 CO2 laser engraver machine laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is suitable for Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting,LED/neon channel, literal-hole cut,lightbox mold,stamp,mould,seal,etc

  • Model:     iGR-L (B)
  • Brand:     iGOLDEN
  • Code:     iGR-L (B)

CO2 Laser Engraving Machine 3/4

The 1325 CO2 laser engraver machine is designed to meet the processing needs of large-format cutting and engraving, with a stable and solid machine frame to ensure the stability and accuracy of fast movement; the transmission system adopts linear guide rail guidance and imported precision gears and rack drive to ensure processing accuracy, saving you time, saving labor and management costs, and greatly improving work efficiency.